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As an employer you take seriously the health and well being of your employees and customers, and since April of 2000 Life - Line Solutions has likewise been concerned with the safety and well being of its' customers. We provide diverse training in safety, security, and medical services for industrial, business, and municipal workers. Our instructors are not only culturally diverse but come with various backgrounds and experience levels in emergency response. The mission of Life - Line Solutions is to provide on site hands on education to meet your needs and provide a full range of courses to meet the demands of today's workforce and workplace. As you browse our site, take a moment to see the courses we offer by looking at the services tab. If a course you need is not listed, fill out the information request and we will respond immediately. We are confident that we can meet all of your training and safety needs because at Life - Line Solutions  "every life matters" is not just a slogan, it has been our way of teaching and our philosophy for 20 years! And it's that way of teaching, our professionalism, our real world experience in emergency response, and our philosophy that sets Life - Line Solutions apart from our competitors.


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